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Wir stärken und präsentieren Ihre Arbeitgebermarke.

Your Competitive Advantage: A Strong Employer Brand

We position employers attractively for now and the future. This is a decisive competitive advantage because the job market has changed. Just a few years ago, HR departments received an overwhelming number of applications. Now they have to compete in their search for good employees. This competition for talent is not an invention of the media but reality resulting from skills shortage and demographic change. Especially highly qualified candidates can now mostly choose their employers. Strong, Friendly Employer Brands Offering Convincing Future Perspectives and Setting Themselves apart from the Competition are in Demand. Employer branding is a holistic strategic decision that strongly contributes to a company's success, both internally and externally: It creates advantages in recruitment and employee loyalty, in the positive development of a company’s culture, its employees’ willingness to perform, and in its corporate image, all of which also results in reduced costs. Last but not least, strategic employer branding increases employee identification with the company's goals. This, in turn, is directly related to improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue. In short: the circle closes, the benefits are obvious.  

Our Areas of Application

Developing your employer profile

We identify what makes you unique as an employer. We analyse this with the help of employee surveys and workshops, and together with you we work out your employer value proposition (EVP), i.e. your unique selling point as an employer. Your EPP is the strategic basis, which is then brought to life when translated into internal and external communication.

Your career website

We make sure your presence is effective. Your career website is your business card for candidates and the central point of contact for all recruiting activities. We create or revise your web presence as an employer, from the contents of your website to its contemporary design and programming, all tailored to your needs.

Ad presence

We optimize your job ads. Thousands of jobs are advertised on countless job boards every day. With the right, target-group-specific texts and appealing, authentic optics, we ensure that your message reaches your target group.

HR campaigns

We transport your employer brand across all types of media and in a customized way. We create HR campaigns that hit the nerve of your target group. These campaigns ensure that you stick in people’s minds as an employer and elegantly gain an advantage in the highly competitive recruiting market.

Social media recruiting

We support you in your recruitment efforts using social networks. Whether it is XING, LinkedIn, Twitter or other channels, recruiting is unthinkable without social media these days. We take care of your presence on the platforms that suit you, share your positive employer image and show you how to target candidates.