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M as in Management on Demand.

We provide companies in urgent situations with matching experts that can be temporarily made available at short notice.

Project Examples

Interim HR Manager to Address Acute Recruiting Needs


Like many medium-sized industrial companies today, our client had to cope with the shortage of specialists and managers, especially in technical areas. Due to the large employer competition and the still ongoing shortage of skilled workers and executives in Baden-Württemberg, vacant positions were only filled slowly.

An additional need for technicians and engineers resulted from the expansion of production and the production start-up of a new product series. Since in such a situation employees tend to also feel the shortage of staff, the wheel kept turning, and measures were needed to counteract a further increase in employee turnover.

Before the interim management, the HR department had three employees aside its HR management. At the time Dr. Maier + Partner Interim Management GmbH was contacted, around 30 positions had to be filled or refilled.


Together with our client, we decided to appoint Ms L. to support the company’s HR team in achieving its goals. Ms L. is an experienced interim HR manager focusing on recruiting and personnel development. After performing a quick and neutral analysis of the situation, she collaborated with the HR management team to develop and implement goal-oriented and sustainable solutions to quickly and competently fill vacant positions.

Deployment period: six months, five days a week


Ms L. enhanced the attractiveness of job profiles and revised the job ads accordingly. Thanks to her measures in HR marketingthe company’s profile on the market was improved resulting in an increase in applications. At the same time, Ms L. selected and approached potential candidates via social media networks.

Further employer branding measures significantly boosted employer attractiveness and lead to a long-term improvement of the recruiting process. The improved applicant management, the streamlined application process, and the optimized job interview process had a positive impact both in terms of time and the company’s external presentation. 

In the area of personnel development, Ms L. prepared solutions for reducing employee turnover.

She included junior staff as mentors to make them grow into leadership roles and reward the company with loyalty. 

Deployment of a Commercial Manager to Bridge a Vacancy Gap


A commercial manager of one of our clients, a mediums-sized producing company with around 100 employees, suddenly became unavailable for health reasons. As it was impossible to fill the position with internal resources, an interim solution had to be found as fast as possible.

In our client’s small team, the commercial manager did not only have managerial responsibilities but was also strongly involved in the company’s operations, which was why his absence was also felt to a great extent in the day-to-day business. There was a capacity, technical and disciplinary gap , which the team was unable to close, neither in terms of requirements nor in terms of scope.


Together with our client, the decision was made to appoint Ms B. as interim commercial manager to bridge the vacancy gap. Ms B. is a graduate in business management and a certified accountant with many years of experience as head of finance. She supported the team in its day-to-day business and, thanks to her expertise, fundamentally relieved the company’s management team. 

Deployment period: four months, until the position was filled permanently, three days a week


Ms B. is a very experienced interim manager. After a short training period in the department, she took over the technical leadership of the team and all the responsibilities involved in the position. This quickly ensured that within the department no major deficits occurred until the position was filled permanently: Any drop in performance or even nervousness within the department could be fully avoided, as the leadership role was, despite its temporary nature, filled and regulated competently.

Ms B. was also available for the new recruit’s orientation, thus enabling the new commercial manager to smoothly and quickly integrate into the company.