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Making Employees Successful

The systematic development of your employees is, now more than ever, a key factor for competitive success. The more difficult it is for you to find qualified personnel externally, the more you have to focus on developing your internal resources. This understanding of employee development also distinguishes your company as an attractive employer and increases employee satisfaction.

In personnel development, our philosophy is to strengthen your employees for specific tasks and to support them in their implementation. Learning content is directly linked to the concrete work environment to ensure that what has been learned can be used in practice immediately. That way, your investment in employee development immediately pays off in the form of new solutions for your business.

We support you in the development and realization of your integrated personnel development concept: From the conception of measures to the execution of potential analyses, trainings and coaching by means of innovative learning approaches and tools – we ensure target-oriented implementation.

Our fields of action in personnel development:

1. Strategic personnel development

  • Development of a modern strategic personnel development concept
  • Implementation of a talent management system
  • Building a high-potential program
  • Strategic succession planning
  • Conception and introduction of target agreement and development discussions

2. Potential analysis

  • Implementation of potential analyses and assessment centres
  • Conducting management assessments and management audits
  • Implementation of 360 ° feedback processes

3. Leadership training

  • Customized conception and implementation of executive training
  • Leadership communications
  • Conducting interviews efficiently and effectively
  • Professional conflict management
  • Providing feedback in complex situations
  • Conducting difficult one-on-one meetings
  • Reduction of absence times: Sick return and absenteeism meetings
  • Conducting exit interviews professionally

4. Training for HR professionals

  • HR business partner qualification
  • HR recruiter qualification
  • Successfully transforming HR professionals to professional HR business partners
  • Developing HR business partner acceptance

5. Coaching

  • Facilitation of strategy workshops
  • Facilitation of employee events and large group events

6. Facilitation

  • Facilitation of strategy workshops
  • Facilitation of employee events and large group events