Right people make the difference!

We care about people since 50 years.

Dr. Maier + Partner: Four Companies, One Goal

Using optimized processes and modern tool, we minimize risks in your personnel selection. In addition, we will show you potentials of talent and identify strong future performers. That way, we provide you with a secure basis for new hires, management assessments and other personnel selection processes.

Our services at a glance:

  • Design of efficient and effective recruiting processes
  • Implementation of professional selection and diagnostic procedures
  • Optimization of interviewing
  • Conception of suitable on-boarding processes
  • Coaching, training and support of new employees and managers during their first few months
  • Consulting on compensation and bonus systems
  • Qualifying employees involved in the recruitment process


We accompany you with strategically far-reaching personnel decisions decisive for the future success of your company. Good personnel decisions have a pivotal impact on the company's success. We will help you optimize these decisions and be successful in your selection of talents and performers.


We will be happy to work out a concept with you based on your individual requirements, and together with you we will ensure that this concept is implemented efficiently.