Right people make the difference!

We care about people since 50 years.

The instruments: highly individual and as required

Efficient and successful implementation of measures involves using the right instruments. Due to our consultants’ many years of practical and leadership experience, we guarantee method security and reliable implementation expertise.

The tools we use include:

  • Coaching: One-on-one, group and team coaching
  • Facilitation: Strategy facilitation, large group facilitation, team events
  • Feedback instruments: 360 ° feedback, employee surveys, manager feedback, employee meetings
  • Trainings and seminars
  • Workshops
  • Management Audits
  • Aptitude diagnostics
  • Blended learning concepts


Your specific starting situation and your individual needs decide on the use of the right instruments. Method variety and neutrality are important cornerstones of our consulting activity. The core is not the method but the people and the overall result.