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Personal Career Consulting and Coaching

As HR consulting experts, we deal with the requirements and conditions of the job market daily. We know the dynamics of the job market, understand how companies think, and know about the demands that executives face today.

Careers are the result of conscious and well-planned decisions. Irrespective of whether you pursue further career development in your current company or whether you wish to link further career steps to a reorientation in the job market: We are a competent partner for people who do not leave their development to chance!

Are you thinking about change? Or about your next career step? Do you wish professional, but highly customized support on the way to your new target position?

Our consulting activity and coaching sessions are consistently tailored to your individual situation. Based on our many years of experience, we know that successful career counseling needs a clear roadmap and that sometimes, in times of change, keeping a clear vision can be challenging.

Training: Convincing in Job Interviews

In a very limited time frame, you want to convincingly show why exactly you represent the best applicant for a position. At times a highly motivated candidate is expected, who is quick-witted but never arrogant. The appearance should indicate self-confidence and sovereignty. At the same time tricky questions from the HR Manager increase the pressure ... In the individual training "Convincing in job interviews” we prepare you purposefully.

In four steps to more structure, self-confidence and persuasiveness in job interviews:
Clarify. Where are you right now and where do you want to be?
Analyze. How do you communicate in job interviews at this time?
Try out. What is your individual approach to handle the situation?
Implement. How to use the learned in your next job interview?

The methods used in the training stemming from the fields of rhetoric, communication and speech training. Among other things we deal with topics like:

  • Building up a convincing and reasonable structure
  • Dealing with nervousness
  • Communicate authentically and convincingly
  • Using your voice resonantly & Facing stress issues confidently
  • Optimizing your body language


Please feel free to contact us: In a first free orientation meeting we will discuss your options with you.