Right people make the difference!

We care about people since 50 years.

Right Personnel Decisions
Are the Key to Success

Finding the right persons for executive positions is the key to your company’s success: These personalities intend to change, they drive innovation, growth and secure your company’s competitiveness. Poor personnel decisions are not only costly, they can also cause long-term damage.

We are specialized in recruiting top and second level management personalities. In thorough meetings and discussions, we explore and analyse our clients’ basic requirements. We define detailed job profiles in the context of reality and job market conditions. Thanks to our knowledge of the industry and our far-reaching network, we reliably identify matches and approach them directly and discreetly.

Apart from examining their technical qualifications and references, we engage candidates in conversations to find out their behaviours in terms of work style and attitudes and match those with your requirements and corporate culture. On the basis of joint meetings with you and the candidates following our thorough selection and examination process, the right decision can be made for successful cooperation.

However, our consulting activity does not end after successful recruitment. We accompany leaders integrating in their new position (on-boarding) and hold regular meetings with the recruits and our clients. This ensures mutual trust and integrity.